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What is a soul mate?

When you meet someone for the first time and in this first meeting you both feel that you have known each other for years, then you may be soul mates. It’s a great feeling when you meet your soul mate. A sense of recognition, trust and togetherness. A soul mate is simply someone you have a powerful connection with and where it feels like the connection comes from another dimension. As a result, you immediately feel familiar with this person and you can share powerful experiences with each other.

A soul mate will generally be on the same path as you which means they have the same desires as you regarding their needs and wants and even their goals are similar. You don’t feel threatened in any way. You want to spend time together. You are both willing to grow together and learn spiritual things.

How do you recognize a soul mate?

Many people are desperately looking for their soul mate. Recognizing soul mates, on the other hand, is something you should be open to. Soulmates often share the same lifestyle, mindset and outlook. You are naturally more attracted to a soul mate. The consciousness of both must be sufficiently developed to experience mutual recognition. It can sometimes be confusing when you meet your soul mate, especially if you experience it as being in love. The connection certainly does not have to end in a partner relationship.

A soul mate can be the same sex, or even a best friend. You may never have a physical relationship with them, but the love and depth of connection between you will last a lifetime. Even family members can be a soul mate. It doesn’t mean your soulmate is perfect. Sometimes soul mates are split up because of the powerful feeling between them. There may also be timing or emotional issues holding you apart - this may not be your only soul mate. It can sometimes be difficult to recognize or find your soul mate. How do you know you’re looking in the right places? Our coaches can guide you in finding your soul mate. Talk about it!

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