Life Questions -

Life Questions

Life Questions

Everyone has to deal with important life questions from time to time. Such as after an important changing situation at work, at home, with relationships or about inner questions that can keep you busy: questions about the right decision, who you really are, what you want or don’t want anymore - but also what the goal is of your life.

Our coaches are specialized in this and are happy to help you find the right answers and insights. Because a good conversation with an objective coach can be very enlightening. The advantage is that you get in contact with someone to whom you can tell your story openly and honestly in complete privacy.

Similarities with spirituality

Life questions have common ground with spirituality because a life question is often about the meaning and purpose of life. Of course you also have life questions that are more about everyday things. “What is the meaning of life?”, “What is our place in the cosmos?” or questions like “Where will I be in 5 years?”, “What is my definition of happiness?”.

Life questions are also often referred to as questions of existence or questions of meaning. What is your most important life question?

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